Our Services

By working as a team we make sure everything fits together seamlessly,

Music Production

If you're looking to create your first single, EP or album Studio 9 can help you shape your vision from concept to creation. We are specialists in music production and approach every project with an open mind which gives us the creative edge. We can produce music from a brief in multiple genres at an affordable price.

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and mastering is an essential part of the production process, how your record flows and works sonically can be the difference between that hit record and that near miss. At Studio 9 we have the ears, talent and tools to mix and master your music preparing your record for manufacturing and distribution to compete in any market in the world.

One-To-One Lessons

Want to produce and record your own music but not sure how? Book a lesson with us today and start learning.

We offer a unique one to one music production experience for anyone who wants to develop their skills in Music Technology.

Tutoring sessions are tailor-made to the individual students skill level, goals and needs.

▪ Midi Programming.
▪ Introduction to DAW (Cubase Pro 10, Logic Pro or Maschine -)
▪ Sequencing and audio recording.
▪ Sound editing and manipulation.
▪ Sampling & synthesis.
▪ Creative use of fx processors.
▪ Recording Techniques.
▪ Composition and song arrangement techniques.
▪ Mixing and mastering techniques

Suitable for ages 16+ and all skill levels

Voice Over Recording

Looking for a creative and friendly environment to record your voice overs? ...well look no further. With highly experienced producers and engineers, a variation of UAD, Waves, SSL, Neve plugins and outboards and a broad array of microphones at your disposal, Studio 9 can make your voice over project/s standout through quality.

Artist Development
We offer multiple services to support unsigned artists. Whether you are a producer, songwriter, singer or an engineer we can help and give you the tools you need to succeed.